Contact Me

The Rules

  • I have put all the relevant information about my professional and academic histories on this website. Go through it all before contacting me. I do not have time to rehash it.
  • I am not currently looking for jobs. If I am ever in the job market, I will only be interested in regular, full-time, mid-to-senior level jobs in my areas of interest and expertise.
  • I block and report spammers and I do not respond to cold calls from unknown numbers. If you want to talk, email first. I do not help with college projects and assignments.

Social Media

  • My professional profile is on LinkedIn
  • Most of my writing is on Quora
  • I indulge my photographic tendencies on Instagram
  • If you know me in real life, look me up on Facebook
  • I have a StackOverflow profile, but I am not very active there