Jaidev Ramakrishna

I am a Senior Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in cutting-edge research and development. My areas of expertise include Applied Algorithms, Operating Systems, Networks, and Parallel Programming. Companies I have worked at include Ladders, Net Nanny / SafeToNet, and Drexel University. I have provided research and technology consulting services to academic groups, and have also carried out teaching and mentoring work for students and fresh hires. I have experience in a broad range of programming languages, platforms, and technologies, and am familiar with the process of creating and releasing production-quality software.

I was a Machine Learing Researcher at the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University, where I worked on Stylometry and other topics related to Natural Language Processing. I earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Drexel University, during which time I was a Teaching Assistant for several graduate-level Computer Science courses, and also worked on academic projects. Prior to this, I earned a Bachelor's Dregree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University, where my research focus was Network Routing Algorithms. At this time, I carried out writing and editorial duties at an academic journal.

I moved from Bombay to Philadelphia many years ago to attend grad school, and have been living and working here ever since. I have dabbled in a diverse range of pursuits over the years, including competitive gaming, classical music, and writing. However, my current activities in these areas are purely amateur. At university, I played a bit of football (or soccer, as the Americans call it). I spend most of my spare time working on personal software projects, exploring the food and music scenes, reading, and photography. I am passionate about sociopolitical reform, urban infrastructure, and the popularization of the the semicolon and the Oxford comma.